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I put my cell in my pocket, a groan of frustration filling the space of my office.
That son of mine is causing too much trouble, but then what should I expect, he’s always been the same way.
Thinking with the head between his legs. I can’t say I blame him, the women he chooses are pretty and if I was young and unmarried I probably would have been hooked to them too,but really he is nearly thirty years old.It’s time for him to grow up and start acting his age and not his stupid shoe size.I was already married by his age, so are his brothers.
Another scandal to add to his name.
Another woman scorned because my son can’t learn to keep it in his pants. I can feel my head shake as I think of the way the newspapers have described what happened. My son is no saint, I know that, but he doesn’t hurt girls. I bet the girl in question got quite a bit for her so-called story, an instant payday for her with my family name. Harry isn’t just bringing judgment on himself but on my family, on our business and I can’t allow that – this family, our business, has had enough scandal to fill two lifespans.
Why couldn’t he be more like his brothers?
Happy, settled.
I’m drawn away from my thoughts of worry as my assistant comes through the door – without knocking, yet again. I’ve told her about this on so many occasions. I guess I had been spoilt with Mary, but is it too much to ask for the girl to knock?
“I’m sorry to interrupt you Mr Bryant, but have you checked the news?” She says on a blush and I’m instantly on tenterhooks. Oh God, what else has he done? I swear at this rate I’ll kill him myself.My fingers start running through my hair, Isla laughs now whenever I do it, she says I look cute. I’m nearly sixty and I’m too old to be cute but whatever makes my Isla happy.
“No, why?”
“I think you may want to take a look. I think you may find it interesting.” I give her a smile and go onto google where flashes of a death go through the screen and I’m instantly panicking until I click on the link and a rush of air escapes my lungs. It’s not one of mine. Thank God. Ever since my daughter was taken four years ago I have become more nervous,but the bastards who did it are both rotting away in prison. My business is safe, my family is safe. I wait for a couple of minutes before the screen starts loading about my main competitor.


Blinks away at me like a flashing beacon of hope, that old man has tried to destroy us ever since I gained power around thirty two years ago. My hope soon disappears as I read more into his death and what he leaves behind, his business, estate and granddaughter. The Ice Princess they call her. She seems to be just as bad as Harry, in the newspapers just as much because of the way she conducts herself, but I can tell there must be a reason. I remember all the times I had to deal with her grandfather and she would be there as good as gold. Harry has always been a bit of a shit, but I can say that because he’s my son. I know he finds it difficult with two brothers, he always wants to be top dog but they all are to me. I love them all. The screen has loaded onto another page and I’m surprised by what I see.


I read down the page and I can’t help but feel grateful, that nasty piece of shit is dead, David Jonas but I wonder what will happen with his granddaughter in control.
Will she try to buy my company even though her grandfather failed?
Will she try and compete with everything we do just like he did?
I guess only time will tell.


Should I be happy?
Should I be crying?
I feel like I should be.
I know what the world expects from me.
I should be so upset that my tears won’t stop flowing.
The old man is dead.
My grandfather.
To be honest I should be jumping with jubilation at the freedom his death represents but I can’t.There is no freedom, just a different cell to contain me in, the weight of the world has been put on my shoulders by the one man I should have loved, trusted above all else, but that’s not the case. It’s never been the case, not for me, I don’t know if he even loved me. Now I find myself thrust in the middle of his madness and I don’t know what to do. I look down at the different papers that litter my grandfather’s desk like confetti, my hands shaking, my whole mind has the shivers as I digest the words their front covers are blasted with.
How will the princess cope with the business?
The Ice Princess could be given her grandfather’s business and estate.
Spoilt little rich girl will have it all now.
No one knows what it’s like to live my life.
No one knew what it was like to live with him, what he put me through on a daily basis, what he expected.
How dare they judge me on what they think they know of me.
They know nothing about me.
It’s all a lie, a play on my grandfather’s made-up stage and I’m the main actor. I slam the paper down on my grandfather’s desk and look around at his office and at the beady little man in front of me. Mark Grant. He has been on my grandfather’s side since the day I can remember. Looming over me with those eyes of his, egging my grandfather on to make my life as hellish as possible and now he’s looking at me with a smug smile like he already knows it all. Knowing my grandfather he probably already does, I was always the last to know what was going on, but the one their said plans affected the most.
What am I supposed to do with the business? I don’t have the first clue how to run a business but that was how my grandfather wanted it.
He wanted me on the gilded stage he made for me.
He wanted me as his loyal pet waiting to do his bidding and unfortunately there came a point where I succumbed and everything became easier. After a while I started to like it there anyway, after too many years I was able to perfect my life and make the men in my world suffer for it.
My play-things.
I party way too hard.Apparently.
I’m always dating but I can’t make any of my so-called victims stay with me. As if I would.
My victims, that’s what everyone is saying now.
That’s how they describe my love life.
I stay up partying far too late and do nothing with my life. That’s my life in a nutshell.
I’m not smart, I have nothing in my brain apparently but no matter what they say about me I just try to shake it off and rememberI’m better off without any of them. It doesn’t matter what they think of me.
But they don’t know the truth, they don’t know the real me. No one does except me and that’s just the way I like it.
All I have apparently is a pretty face, pretty looks and a killer body.
I’m the Ice Princess. That’s what everybody thinks, that’s how the newspapers portray me and I’ve come to the point in my life where I really don’t care anymore. I know the truth and that’s all that matters, no one else does, it’s just me.They’re all the same anyway and I really don’t want people like that in my life, but I’m stuck. It appears I’m still stuck on this gilded stage even with my grandfather dead and buried six feet under.
“What am I supposed to do?” I ask my grandfather’s henchman. I can tell by the way he’s looking at me that he’s waiting for a massive meltdown on my part but I’m better than that. I take in a few calming breaths just trying to calm my racing heart before it explodes with the unknown.
“You let us run the business for you, like the good girl your grandfather made you.”
What the fuck?
“Somehow I don’t think you really mean me.” I fold my arms in front of me and cross my left leg over the right as I stare him down. I can feel my blood begin to bubble to the surface, just hating where this is all going. He’s always trying to control me, just like my grandfather.
“Of course not, you have no idea how to run this business.”
“Excuse me?”
“You heard what I said, young lady.”
I hate it when he calls me that and my disgust just grows stronger, I just want to get out of here as fast as I can. I unfold my legs and my arms and lean forward across the desk so I’m closer to the slimy bastard.
“And that’s just how my grandfather wanted me until I found the right husband. I had no choice, I never wanted to find the husband he wanted but now he’s dead and the business is mine.”
“Yes it is yours, but that doesn’t mean your grandfather meant for you to run it. That was always me.”
“You?” I take a breath and rise from my chair and storm towards the window.
“And what about me? I’m his granddaughter, I did everything he ever wanted me to.”
“Except find the husband he wanted you to so you had the help you needed to run it, so although you own this business you don’t really run all of it.”
“Get out.” I demand, I’ve had enough of this conversation and I’ve had enough of him.
Sick bastard, it wasn’t enough to control my life while he was alive he has to try and do it now he’s dead. Well he can try with all his might but I’ll do something that none of them will see coming. I’ll make my grandfather roll in his grave.I hear his feet walk away from my grandfather’s desk and then the soft click of the door closing behind him. I look down at the city below. I’ve lived here all my life but I’ve never felt like I was home. Never felt like I was apart of something bigger than myself, just a pawn for someone else. I’ve tried to make the world better for myself but at every turn he was always there to stop it.
I am everything the newspapers portray.
An Ice Princess.
I party way too hard.
I stay up far too late and do nothing with my life.
I go out with different men but I can never make them want to stay withme, like I would really want to, they all turn out the same anyway.
I’m not smart. I’m just a stupid girl.
Well I’ll show him and them what stupid girls can do. I’ve always cruised along the journey of life and I always will. There’s something inside of me that has always told me to keep going, that everything will be all right in the end. I don’t know why I’ve always trusted it but I have and it’s talking to me now. I walk back to the desk and reach for my cell phone. I look through the internet and get the number I want before pressing it. It rings a few times before someone answers.
“Bryant Industries, how may I help you?”
“I would like to make an appointment with Mr Joshua Bryant please.”
“You would have to speak to his assistant. Shall I put you through ma’am?”
“Yes please.”And with that the phone is ringing again until another woman answers it.
It’s always a woman, can’t these men run a business with male assistance?



Check It Out.

I’m sat in Marco’s office looking at the cocky bastard as he looks straight back at me.His eyes cold and intense as they take me in, looking me up and down like I’m up for my own trial.I feel like I’m on trial, my hands are wet with sweat and I’m trying to keep them close to my body so Marco can’t see them shaking with the nerves that are ripping my body in two. My heart feels like it’s trying to break through my chest as the ticking of the wall clock counts down the most important part of my life.

Tick Tock.

Tick Tock.

Everything I have worked so hard on this past year and a half is all counting on this moment.

Will it fail or will I get what I really want?

Will I get to Mexico as Marco’s right hand man?

I’ve worked so hard for this and the bastard knows it, but he doesn’t give anything away.

The clock ticking mocks my heart.

Tick Tock.

Tick Tock.

Just like always his cell starts to ring that annoying tune that shatters my ear drums to dust at just the wrong time, making sickness rear its ugly head. Just like fucking normal reminding me why I am here and who I am.

“Everything going to plan, son?” He says as he puts the call on speaker. I breathe a sigh of relief. That’s got to be good, he would have just thrown me out if he didn’t want me to hear this.If he didn’t trust me enough.

“Yes, father, she’s going for it like a moth to a flame.”

“Well done. Make sure you stay on track. This has to go perfectly.”

“I know what’s at cost, don’t worry.”

“Good, because I won’t let that fucking family ruin another one of my plans. They’ve been the fucking thorn in my side for far too long.”

Oh shit, this can’t be good. What are they both up to?

“I know, father.”

“Remember when you take her you break her.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m looking forward to it.”Marco ends the call and his cold eyes come right back at me, regarding me with all he’s worth.

He’s still not sure about me, I can read the look in his eyes, thelook he’s throwing at me only confirms it. Oh fuck, this could all go wrong if he doesn’t go for this.

“My son is working on a sensitive issue for me. I may need you to go to Mexico and help him.” May, not definitely, and my heart starts to crumble at what that could mean for everything. What that could mean for me. It would appear I still have some work to do. I’m so close to his new project in Mexico I have to work harder to make sure I get there.

I have to get there.

This whole thing rides on Mexico and who the fuck were they talking about?

What are they up to?This is why I’m here.

I have to get to Mexico.


Boom. Boom. Boom.

Boom.Boom.The speakers blast with the hip hop beat that plays, sending my entire car into a fit of vibrations that seem to mix well with the constant beat I can’t help but hum toit, just can’t help it. The tunes travel through my body, warming me up with contentment and joy, like they always do when I listen to my music. It doesn’t matter what else is going on around me as long as I have my music. The sun is shining, I’m in my car with my boyfriend, the air is blasting a cold breeze against my face, but I can feel the heat from the sun as it blasts through the windscreen penetrating my skin.

It’s a perfect day and I’m so happy.

“Do we have to listen to this rubbish?”

I look over at the man I love, not quite believing that we have finally done it. He has his baggy pants on that hug his bum and crotch so well, I could just watch him forever in those things. A short white top covers his chest but in no way hides what is underneath, his biceps stretch the material and I just want to rip it off him. His shoulder-length black hair is tied up in a small pony-tail and those blue eyes of his stay focused on the road ahead of us. I loved him from the first moment I saw him when I was only eleven, I was so sure he only saw me as everyone else, but he soon put those thoughts away when he told me how much he liked me. We’ve been together ever since and started to plan this little adventure of oursover a year ago and finally we are doing it. I was surprised that my parents were happy for me to go, I really expected more of a fight but they surprised me. I lied a little, OK I lied alot, but even so the reason was still the same way. I want to make my own way. I don’t want to be shackled by how famous my family are.I’ve always wanted to deserve my place in my family’s company, not because my last name is Bryant but because of me. ME. I want to deserve it and I want to show my daddy, my brothers, anyone who works at the business or knows about it and thinks I’m just a little rich girl. I want to show all of them that I should work there.All my life I have been the only daughter to Joshua and Isla Bryant, the only sister to three older brothers who adore me.

The whole world knows who I am, merely just a little rich girl who always gets what she wants.

I never had many friends growing up, girls and boys were too scared to come close to me because of who my family was, who my brothers were and the lies that were told about them.

“There goes Hope the Bryant.”

“Don’t go near her, don’t hurt her or her brothers will beat you up.”

Everyone was too scared to go anywhere near me and so school was a lonely existence. Until I met Mark. He was a year older than me but I was moved up a year so we were together constantly.

He was my only friend.

The only one to see the real me and not what the world wanted to see. A spoilt little rich girl who only wanted her own way. It made me so angry, that’s not what I am, I am so much more than that and it is time to show everyone.The whole world, my family expect me to work for my family business, to work for it as much as my twin brothers have and as much as I want to I want to earn it first. I want to learn the world of business somewhere where my name won’t be known and give me so many privileges.

I would spend lunch times just talking to Mark about how I wanted to earn what I could get from my family, he didn’t understand it at first, but eventually we came up with a plan. My parents knew nothing about Mark, I didn’t want them or my brothers to know as even I was unsure what they would do if I told them I had a boyfriend. I could tell my brothers’ wives though, that just seemed to come naturally and eventually I told my mom but never Dad or my brothers.  They would have thrown a massive fit and my life would have been over if they got rid of the man I love.

I can tell Mark is just looking at me and I remember he’s just said something about my choice of music again. He’s never liked my music much.

“I like it.”

“It’s rubbish. You know that, right?” I can hear the giggle he tries to hide behind his serious face, oh God I love him so much.

“That is why you love me though.”

“Yes I love you.” He reaches forward and turns off the music, he doesn’t look at me while he says those words or as he turns off my music, but I can’t think of it as a car pulls out in front of me to go around another. His face looks out his side window and he’s so silent, as if he’s really thinking hard of something. I don’t say anything, just stay focused on the road ahead.I don’t like it when the air around us is this silent, it makes me think that something bad is just around the corner. I can see that Mark doesn’t like the silence either, but he does nothing to break it. We’ve been driving for a few days and we still have more to go, but this is freedom. Freedom to make my own mark, on my own and not with the help of my family- and I will do it. I know I will and I’ll be able to do it with the man I love by my side.
Now available for Pre Order.

Hitting your kindles on the 3rd of January.


You’ve read my parent’s story. 
You think you know it all. 
You think you know me. 
Hope Bryant. 
Only daughter and youngest child of Joshua and Isla Bryant. 
A spoilt princess. 
But that’s not me, I want to show my worth. Prove that I belong in my great family. I had a plan, I knew what I wanted to do….. 
But I was STOLEN and thrown into HELL. 
My story is dark, intense and not for the faint hearted. 

Hope can be read as a stand alone although it’s part six of The Truth Series.